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    B'ORZE India a partner of B'ORZE Inc., America for South Asia, enjoys a distinct position in the medical industry. Our state-of-the-art innovative healthcare products have set a new standard in operating room. We are the first to introduce high definition image for a better and better diagnosis than ever before.

    Our concept of a Total Solution System begins with the complete understanding of our customer's needs, providing the correct solution and providing quality after sales service support. This ensures that we set standards in customer management.


    B`ORZE India, a technology-driven company, is committed to providing innovative solutions to healthcare communities.
    Our Prime Responsibility is to Elight Customers, Delivering on and always Sincere & Faithful to Our Customers and Above All to Develop People so they can achieve sustainable exponential growth in today's competitive climate


    In the almost advancing world where technology touches every aspect of human life, B`ORZE India Pvt. Ltd. wants to be a premier medical solution provider in the area of healthcare technology intending to become the most sought after company in the medical industry.
    B'ORZE India Pvt. Ltd. strives to earn respect from our clients, our principles, our investors, our employees.


    B`ORZE India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide the highest quality medical equipments and services at the most competitive prices. Its products have the best performance/Price ratio in the market.
    Our mission is to be the preeminent partner in providing healthcare advances that enhance patient care. Reliable and prompt service is what we guarantee to all our customers and associates. And quality service is what all the users must get every time…… all the time.
    Bringing new ideas, technically superior maintenance free products and services to enhance the health and the well being of the people is our promise.


    Introduce advanced products that facilitate enhanced diagnostics to secure a safe and efficient treatment of each patient. Our policy is to offer user friendly
    products by combining the tried and tested with the new.
    To source the right manufacturer, a long term partnership and continuous use of management tools to improve the suppliers performance
    Since its inception, the policy of B`ORZE India Pvt. Ltd. is to focus on customer as customers are the most valuable asset.
    For B`ORZE India Pvt. Ltd., quality and safety have priority in everything.
    Our policy is to stand as a source of reliable and innovative products in medical industry and be footed as a responsible and caring company in the society.

    Experience – Expertise

    B`ORZE India Pvt. Ltd. has an experience of over a decade to serve the Medical Industry successfully and that has given us the opportunity to represent the world leader in Medical Technologies. Over the years, we have marketed the most innovative products, incorporating the latest technology and techniques to the Medical Fraternity.
    Our customers are assured of the latest in technology and innovation in the products matching international standards, which have been adapted to suit the conditions in India.

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